Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH) has been working for learning, teaching and practising the scientific, logical and rational cultural heritage of India. IISH has brought out more than 145 books in different languages, hundreds of CDs, VCDs, Pendrives, brochures and other publications for spreading the messages of our motherland.
IISH has built 1. National Heritage Centre (NHC) for learning and teaching Indian heritage, in Trissur district, Kerala; 2. Bharatheeya Vidya Vihar (ISO 9001 Certified) CBSE School in the NHC campus; 3. Academy for Heritage Research and Studies in NHC; 4. Aryabhatta Modern Library with more than 7000 books, Aryabhatta Heritage Library with 5000 heritage books and Dr. C.V. Raman High Tech Library with 1000 professional books. We could build Bhaskara Computer centre, Vocational Training centre for teachers and Embroidery and tailoring college other than a powerful spiritual research centre. Many other facilities are also built which are included for achieving the goal of learning and teaching the heritage of India.

More than 6000 lectures, seminar, workshops, camps and study classes were organised directly and also in collaboration with like minded organisations and institutions. 500 hrs of TV and Radio lectures were also delivered.
Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt of India, has started a project for Science and Heritage Research Initiative (SHRI). Other than the above activities and also as a part of the studies on Indian heritage, IISH could become a partner of this project. The first meeting of the SHRI was held in 3rd November 2016 in DST office, New Delhi. In this meeting Director of IISH, Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan participated and offered, during the discussion, that such a portal will be created within 100 days for knowing as much details as possible on Indian heritage products for spreading the messages and for pursuing higher studies and research on the subject.

The Indian heritage products will be scientifically and technologically looked into for preserving them, spreading the information about them through out the world, improving their production through S & T input, making a good livelihood for the producers through finding better sales techniques and markets and bringing all-round qualitative and quantitative improvement. For achieving this goal of SHRI we in IISH will also involve . For entertaining such science and technology input activities, the basic knowledge / information on the availability and status quo of those products are needed.

Thus IISH undertook the responsibility of preparing a portal for informing the heritage products of India. Variety of subjects like arts, archaeology, Ayurveda, colorants, textiles, handicrafts, temple structures, cave temples, forts, palaces and so on are included. Musical instruments of various types, wood products and so on are also included for getting a first hand knowledge for the users. gives only an indication of the products and their sources. For further details one has to search through Google internet search tools and other facilities available.

We are submitting this portal website to the people of our motherland and also those who love India and also to the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi on the 154th Birth anniversary of Swamy Vivekananda, on 12th January 2017 at 00.01 am. More and more information are being added to this list and continuous improvement will be made in this website. This will facilitate any user to find out any subject area in the heritage products directly or indirectly

In the service of our motherland and dharma
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Scientist & Director, Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage
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